World-Renowned Singer, Composer and Painter David D’or Brings His Unique Artistry to American Audiences

When David D’or begins to sing, captains and kings, popes and presidents all stop to listen.

The gifted singer with an astonishing four-octave range is an acclaimed master of many music genres, effortlessly moving among and harmoniously melding classical, pop, Broadway show tunes and world music genres as he utilizes the relation between emotion and music to invoke and propel positive universal frequency and foster unity among global audiences. With 15 Gold and Platinum albums and fans from every walk of life, D’or is universally acknowledged as having one of the world’s most incredible voices, with tones ranging from high contra-tenor notes down to the deepest baritone.

This year, David D’or brings his unique worldview and creative force to American audiences as he weaves an all-new, extraordinary artistic experience. It combines his gorgeous vocals, inclusive songwriting skills and cutting-edge performance art into an amalgam of artistic disciplines designed to open the minds and hearts of everyone who encounters this innovative initiative.

With his vision of creating a world community that lives beyond the superficial and accepts the concept that art brings everyone together – no matter their differences of culture, skin tone or sex – in a place of tolerance, acceptance and love, D’or has moved beyond his acclaimed singing and composing career into a new phase. Tapping into his belief that every citizen of the world “is much more than the cover of the book we see on the outside,” D’or looks toward reaching with his art “what is really important – what is on the inside, beyond the superficial definitions that limit us all.”

To that goal, D’or brings a new concept in art, his “Can Vas – The Movement,” which combines live human subjects incorporated into his painted canvases in performance art events that are transformed into fascinating photographic works of art. Building on “The Sound of Color,” his 2013 book filled with his oil paintings that were originally exhibited in harmony with a concert in Tel Aviv as well as his 2016 exhibition “Layers,” featuring works on canvas, “Can Vas – The Movement” takes David D’or’s vision to another plane with the addition of the collaboration with live models and professional photographers.

For more information on David D’or’s coming schedule of appearances and availability for interviews and media appearances, contact Trisha Davis at Ballantines Public Relations.

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — David D’or

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