Zarley Introduces Wide Neck Hollow Body

Zarley’s New Wide Neck Hollow Body


CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Zarley Wide Neck Guitars announces the addition of the Hollow Body to its new line of wide neck guitars. Designed for musicians with bigger hands, the Hollow Body is a new take on a classic semi hollow, double cut design. The width of the neck is increased to 1 7/8” (47.625mm) at the nut providing the player an increased string spacing of 0.315” (8mm) to allow all notes of a chord to ring clear and is best for execution of single note runs.

Equipped with two humbuckers and a three way switch, the Hollow Body features Wilkinson pickups and hardware, traditional F holes and center block construction. The Hollow Body is available in Honey Burst on a maple top, clear maple back, mahogany neck and ships with a Gator hard case for protection during transportation and shipping.

Zarley Hollow Body

Zarley Wide Neck Guitars is founded by Tracy Todd, after struggling for years playing off the shelf guitars. Todd started taking lessons later in life. Playing was a struggle because his large hands and fingers constantly created issues with muted strings. He tried virtually every electric guitar on the market. He even pursued the idea of a custom neck, but found the pricing to be incredibly high for what he needed. Through additional discussions with fellow musicians, chats on forums and reaching out to other manufacturers; the realization came clear that there was a segment of the guitar market not being addressed. After further research, trial and error, he has come upon a design that not only benefits the taller than average. It is something finger pickers can appreciate, also. The guitar may prove helpful to beginners. The wider string spacing has shown to make learning a little easier for those first starting out


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MSRP: $1422 USD

Factory Direct Price: $569 USD


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