8th Annual San Diego Rock n Roll Reunion and Benefit Concert

Electric Hound

San Diego’s Brick by Brick was host to the 8th annual San Diego Rock n Roll Reunion and Benefit Concert and historically, this event brings the best of the best in local music.  This year was no different.  Every summer San Diego’s music community comes together to support two beautiful sisters that unexpectedly lost their father when they were young toddlers.

Event organizer and the girl’s grandfather, Anthony Carrasco, has been a long-time member of San Diego’s music scene.  Now living out of state, Anthony employs the assistance of local music aficionados to pull together an evening of talent that is always prosperous, entertaining, full of positive energy and camaraderie. There is never a shortage of handshakes, hugs and high fives at this event.

In between sets, event goers snacked on goodies like pulled pork nachos, and mingled with local artists, friends and family.  These in between breaks, were short but sweet, as able-bodied stage assistants turned over the sets in incredibly short spurts of time, making it difficult, in a good way, to grab a fresh drink, get some air or snap a quick photo while reconnecting with a long-lost band member or fan.

Yolanda Johnston

In past years, all the performers have been based in San Diego, but this year they ventured outside the box and brought in some wow-factor talent from Los Angeles.  The lineup included a mix of seasoned artists, phenomenal young guns and all-star jam that kept party goers there until the lights went out.

The night opened with Hey Ho! Let’s Go!, a tribute to the kings of punk, the Ramones, a spot-on depiction of the forerunners that defined the punk rock movement in the early 70’s. It was apparent from the first note that these performers have spent a lot of time honing their skills and talent.  These gentlemen are the whole package.  The sound, the moves, the persona and chemistry on stage, as they seem to transcend time and capture their audience and take them back to an era that still reigns supreme and probably always will.  To this day, regardless of the passing of most of the players, the Ramones, still have a fan base that boggles the mind.

Hey Ho! Let’s Go! was going to be hard act to follow, but Band of the Lost was up to the challenge.  A mostly original hard rock ensemble, new on the scene, yet, veteran artists, these energetic San Diego rockers kept the crowd engaged and asking for more.  This was my first time seeing Band of the Lost and I became an instant fan.  San Diego music fans, keep an eye on these guys, they play all over the county and are worthy of your time and attention!

Returning crowd favorite, Bam Bam, hit the stage next in typical Bam Bam style, the dancers hit the floor! Bam Bam is just an all-around good time!  A 1980’s style cover band that had disbanded years ago but returned to the stage with its original players for a past reunion show and have been returning to the event ever since.  I love watching Bam Bam perform.  So much fun chemistry and energy on stage.  If you are a fan of 80’s dance music, you can find them performing around San Diego and you can skip the gym the next day because they will keep you moving all night long.

Electric Hound

Headlining this year, was Los Angeles based, Electric Hound.  Founded in 2015 by three young brothers, they are going to take southern California by storm!  While the group is still basically in the foundling stages they are already well on their way.  These gentlemen, barely old enough to legally be in the venue unless they were performing, are not your average powerhouse players.  Electric Hound pays homage to the hard rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s and they do it flawlessly.  They are nothing short of a power trio in its perfect state.  Original music performed in a manner that made the 70’s and 80’s so timeless and memorable, including the (required) gorgeous long hair so perfect for headbanging stage presence.  Their energy on stage is infectious…Electric Hound is hard rock in its purest state.    In just a couple of years, they already have an amazing repertoire, are opening for some of our classic rock legends and are starting to tour around southern California and Nevada. Keep them on your radar, if they happen to be playing in your area, buy the ticket, go the show, and enjoy a truly spectacular performance!

Yolanda Johnston

As in all prior annual reunion shows, the night culminated with an all-star jam.  Local San Diego artists, seasoned players and vocalists alike, were invited join in the end of the night’s talent show.  So many of San Diego’s talented artists and musicians have come together every year to support this wonderful cause; it is always an ideal way to end the evening and to keep the music playing and the love we have for this family growing, year after year.

You can keep up with all the band’s news or check their event and tour schedules on social media and/or their respective websites.  Also, please find the interviews conducted by BackStage360, the during the show, in this month’s issue of the magazine.


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