Borealis – World of Silence MMXVII

The recent trend of re-releasing debut albums continues.  The good news is it seems to be working…well!  Canadian, progressive, symphonic power rockers, Borealis (not be confused with Aurora Borealis, the American black metal band), jumped on the trending band wagon with their remixed and re-recorded, World of Silence MMXVII (2017); and it is another re-release winner!
Borealis originally released their debut album, World of Silence, in 2008 as independent works-of-art.  Now under management of AFM Records, the 2017 release is a beautiful renaissance of the original, making it their fourth complete album, preceded by the 2008 version of World of Silence, Fall From Grace in 2011 and Purgatory in 2015; with plans in the work to re-release, Fall From Grace, in April of 2017 and yet another, all new material, album that is slated for Fall of this year.

Formed in 2005, Borealis was originally fronted by female operatic vocalist, Siobhan O’Brian.  Siobhan parted ways with the band in 2007 leaving them vocal-less as the opening act for Finish power metal band, Sonata Arctica.  Wanting to play the show at any cost, lead guitarist, Matt Marinelli, stepped into the role and has remained there ever since.

World of Silence, MMXVII, is a 100% power and symphonic metal lover’s dream; filled with long playing tracks of Matt Marinelli’s deep, guttural vocals that create a mind bending juxtaposition to the smooth yet still hard hitting guitar riffs, rhythm and bass lines.  Sean Werlick’s keyboard performance is what made me an instant fan of this album and I find myself playing it over and over again.  Truly a powerful, dark yet eloquent album that never gets old.  This is a collection of progressive power metal you can play at “11” and still hear the clarity of lyrics, sound and symphony; it is nothing short of beautiful noise that should be in every metal fan’s collection.

World of Silence MMXVII
is now available through Amazon and all other reputable music retailers.  Borealis is currently in-studio writing and recording for their anticipated albums due to be released later this year; however you can keep up with them on Facebook by searching @borealisband.

World Of Silence Track Listing:

Lost Voices
Midnight City
From The Fading Screams
Forget The Past
Eyes Of A Dream
World Of Silence
The Afterlife
Divine Answer
The Dawning Light
Black Rose

Borealis is:


Matt Marinelli – guitars and lead vocals

Sean Dowell – drums

Sean Werlick – keyboards

Michael Briguglio – guitars

Trevor McBride – bass

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