Danko Jones – Wild Cat

Toronto. December 2, 2016.
Photo by Dustin Rabin – #2744

Danko Jones and his new album wild cat is an homage to everything that is rock and roll. 20+ years in the business, he’s been there done that, seen all the fads come and go, but with this is going back to how it was when it first hit the streets. Deep lineage into rock and rollers of the past, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, and the other legends of the day. It’s rare to find an album that has me toe tapping and headbanging throughout the entire journey. If I’d been standing I’m sure I’d be thrashing around the stage as well. Intro to the album wild cats can be considered thunder and lightning in its purest physical form, hair-raising, goosebump causing sort of electron charging super riff. Jerking anticipation that forces you to jolt out of your skin and get all the anxiety out there in the universe.

First off if I had to use a word for this album It’d have to be sexy. Raw, powerful, and passionate. Is no stranger to the world of leather, attitude, and drive. This album shows it in every aspect, the drums thudding like a hammer on an anvil; pounding away to make the metal strong and durable. The guitars keep the flames hot, all the While and vocals guide it to the worthy battle axe for your ears heavenly destruction.

The aftermath of the battle, of course, would be the spoils of wealth, women, and pillar lands to call your own.

One thing’s for certain with Danko Jones He makes great rock and roll and if we had more albums like this out in the world I believe people would be a lot more passionate in what they do in their everyday lives.

Diamond lady- like I mentioned earlier there’s range, A lot of passion and energy behind finding that new special someone after years of heartbreak so very relatable song.

Let’s start dancing- simplest at Feet Don’t Fail Me Now get up and groove live every day like it’s your last because you never know what’s going to happen. The trials and tribulations of every day mundanes in some cases music is a great Outlet to relieve stress.

Toronto. December 2, 2016.
Photo by Dustin Rabin – #2744

Do this every night- Real oomph with this one, straight power track for electric goodness, headbanging to get up to get down, party time 24/7. It is difficult not to just drop everything and just start thrashing with this track. Especially with the breakdown towards the end of the song, just overall awesome piece of music. Living like a rockstar, being in the moment and living each day like there is no tomorrow. This track oozes with an intensity that I don’t hear with newer rock bands, and I wish that this style would make a fiery comeback. Straight forward rock and roll with the attitude to back it.

Wild cat- fierce and feral, sweet kinda switchblade that doesn’t sting as bad after you get punctured, motley crew Esq. Fast paced swing, loud proud, and on the battlefront for love.

I got to rock- do what you want to do be who you want to be. Find your passion and embrace it, live in the moment and push all aside that can’t keep up. This song is about doing the things that fulfil yourself with whatever make you happy. Really nice build up that just keeps you running with the mood of the night. A lot of passion with this one, to quit talking about it and just going for it. It’s a really freeing experience to do what you want without worrying about the judgement that follows, on the edges of reality and what the social norm might be to find the edges of what true passion means to you. Song starts off like yeah I’m going, going, going, then snapped into just letting it all go. The energy is there for every second of this song, and I think I’ll use this song as my new anthem for adventure, with the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve mentality long behind me and living in action.

She likes it- a ballot to the lady in your life. Struts of proud influence, getting into the groove of flaunt and fun.

Revolution but then we make love- disagreements will tear us apart, that is until we make love. Then things change drastically for those moments, and it all melts away. Put our differences aside for the good of the world, and just make love not war.

Success in bed- I’d assume this one too be self-explanatory with the title of this song. Just get over here and let’s get down with the get down. Affirmative, power tones, and strong like the song entails.

You are my woman- this one pulled at some heart strings for me. Remembering the days of wanderlust of something solid and true. Lots of passion, and a little pain with hints of acceptance in the end. All those feelings melting into the cauldron of a new love. A re spark of intensity and oneness towards life! There is hope for everyone, and redemption is plausible.

Going out tonight- getting out of self seems to me to be the theme of this song for me. Agitation and the craving for something external to fill the internal loss of something precious. Getting away from the problem and out for the night. Set it all aside and just have fun with the moment. Forward carrying motion, emotional vetting and a touch of curiosity.

My little rock n roll- Fierce passion, steamy nights, and possibly regretted aftermath of the permanent variety. Uplifting, energetic, a real chance to have something fun and raw, like the rollercoaster mentioned in the song. Strong leads, cowbell, and a drum beat to make your head pop up with a walking peacock strut in your body. Chasing the excitement of something shiny and new with a throbbing heart, impulsive actions, and the willingness to do whatever to be in the presence of this person you’d like to show affection to. Very relatable in terms of being young, dumb, and full of fun…..

The range of this album is vast and encompasses all bases of rock and roll and it’s been very pleasing to listen to it the album seems like a mosh to all the losses that we had last year and how we really never know when it’s going to end, this is a celebration and that we should live life to the fullest before it’s gone that’s the sort of vibe I get from this album. And the few real rockers left need to keep it alive and show the younger generation like myself how to do it and have a great time doing it. Danko jones personifies real rock and roll passion and I look forward to see what he has cooked up next. The sound quality of the album is amazing and I give it five out of five horns up.

Brett Zimmerman / BackStage360

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