Don’t Believe in Ghosts – “Give it Meaning”

Don’t Believe in Ghosts

New York City based, indie/alt rockers, Don’t Believe in Ghosts, is set to release their debut album, “Give it Meaning” on June 30, 2017, and if their debut is simply a precursor into the future, these talented artists, should be on all indie rock fan’s radar.  Great things can be seen on the horizon.

The self-produced, “Give it Meaning” is 13 tracks of quintessential alt and indie rock.  Most tracks have unique lead-ins that successfully hit their target.  Lead singer, Steven Nathan’s, vocals were made for alt rock.  He delivers a clear and classic vocal tone that immediately draws you into the music and onto the next track.  The essence of symphonic rock can be heard throughout the entire album, giving it even more of that classic sound that will never go out of style.

I have had this CD on repeat for several days now.  I am hard pressed to choose a favorite track.  Throughout my tenure of reviewing new music, I find that my favorites are always the full-length CD’s that have a cohesiveness from one track to another.  “Give it Meaning” has that cohesive movement from one track to another without becoming repetitive or monotonous.  The CD moves from one song to another in graceful change of attitude and intent.  Anyone could easily pop this collection of songs into their playlist regardless of being a party atmosphere or a peaceful road trip.  Don’t Believe in Ghosts have a high energy and candid presence without being overbearing or perverse.

As I write this, the CD release party for this admirable album is currently taking place in The Studio at Webster Hall in the East Village of Manhattan.  Webster Hall is a New York historic fixture.  It is the largest and number one nightclub venue in the city and has a fascinating cultural and architectural past.  The original building itself was built back in 1886 and has earned claim to bragging rights of its untold numbers of “A” listers that have performed there over the many years it has been an institution in The Village.  To have your CD release party at Webster Hall, is kind of a big deal and after listening to their debut CD, personally, I believe, Don’t Believe in Ghosts, is kind of a big deal, too!  As a part time New Yorker, I will be chasing them down to see a live show the next time I am in the city.

Don’t Believe in Ghosts is new to the scene and while I found little information about them, you can find their website, in its fledgling stages at:  Follow them on Facebook.  You can find their music on many service sites, such as, Spotify, Bandcamp,  iTunes, and Apple Music and  find their videos on YouTube.


“Give it Meaning” Track Listing:

Can’t Sleep So I’ll Drive

Come On

Everyone I Know Is Going Crazy

I Want Nothing

Long Way to Go

Nothing I Could Do Is Ever Good Enough

Pick Up the Pieces

Slow Down

The Way I See It

We Are the Ones

Wouldn’t You Love to Know?

You’ve Been Warned

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