Eric Sardinas & Big Motor

Hey guy’s it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Eric Sardinas perform but I must tell you, it was worth the wait. On a weeknight at one of So Cals great venues, The Coach House, Eric and his band hit the stage right on time with their brand of Delta Blues that just filled my soul.

I have been following Eric for years and each time I see him perform I’m amazed by his playing and his vocal prowess. As a guitar player myself, his interpretation of the Delta Blues sound and style has captured fans and fellow musicians all over the world for years. If your a fan of the Memphis Blues sound and style of guitar playing, Eric Sardinas and his band are a must see. Their performances are always different and you never no what your going to get this night was no exception. The Acoustic set was epic with the band that includes Paul Loranger, (Bass) Demi Lee Solorio (Drums) and, on his trademark Resonator Guitar, Eric Sardinas. What a perfect fit for the evenings festivities.

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor are currently on tour and will be touring Europe this summer in support of their last record as well as all the classics from previous LP’s and some timely blues covers by some of the greats from the past. You can catch up with Eric and the Band on the the Eric Sardinas Official Site, ( featuring up to date news reviews and exclusive photos.

Please do yourself a favor, if you’re a fan of the blues, you need to catch Eric in concert. You will enjoy his style of playing and his musical interpretations. I can tell you this, the Rocman is not waiting 8 years again to see this cat do his thing. Thanks for the great performance Eric Sardinas and Big Motor and to the famous Coach House for having us for the evening.


Eric Sardinas / Coach House San Juan Capistrano

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