FM – Heroes and Villains

“Heroes and Villains” : FM’s Newest Album Hits All the High Notes…Pays Tribute to Long Rock Past and Bright Future


FM is back at it again!  With Frontiers Records’ release of “Heroes and Villains” hitting the UK and Europe on April 20th and April 21st in North America, this marks the 9th studio album release for the acclaimed British rock band since the band’s beginning in 1984.  Their 30-plus year history is perfectly capped by this tremendous album that intertwines the classic roots and distinguished sound we’ve grown to love since the band’s start in the 80s, while also proving that their musical talent and lyrical prowess is always growing and evolving.  From start to finish, FM takes you on a trip that you genuinely won’t want to miss.

The album kicks off strong, with a solid guitar riff and drum beat that leads you straight into “Digging Up the Dirt”, a great collaboration by all band members across the board.  Steve Overland does exactly what he’s been doing for years: melting you away with flawless vocals and superb lyrics. Driven by outstanding harmonies and an exceptionally talented group of musicians, FM shows no sign of age or slowing down any time soon.  These guys are still knocking out the same level of music you would have expected from them in the 80s.

The high points of the album are spread throughout.  Lead guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick wails some insanely talented guitar solos between impressive choruses, Pete Jupp keeps the timeless drum beats coming, all while Overland highlights each song with his irreplaceable voice.  Don’t overlook the rock-steady bass lines from Merv Goldsworthy and excellent organ and keyboard work of Jem Davis, as each band member has their moment to shine.  “Digging Up the Dirt”, “Life is a Highway”, “Fire and Rain”, “Cold Hearted”, and “Big Brother” will get your blood flowing while Steve and the band also take time to woo you with softer songs like, “Incredible” and “Walking with Angels”.  Overall, this album plays like a well-balanced meal: you get the meatier, heavy tracks while also getting a taste of the band’s softer, lighter side.  There’s even a little extra to keep you coming back for seconds.

Whether you’ve been listening to FM since their 1984 debut, or you’re just now picking up their music for the first time, “Heroes and Villains” is sure to please.  It’s an entertaining album, a reflection of the amount of fun the band obviously had while putting it together.  If “Heroes and Villains” is any indication of what’s to come, FM fans can rest assured this band is still rocking solid!

Get your copy of “Heroes and Villains” in the UK and Europe on April 20th, or in North America on April 21st.


Jeff Gould / BackStage360

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