Jethro Tull‘s Remix of The 1975 Classic, Minstrel In the Gallery

The 40th Anniversary edition of Jethro Tull’s Minstrel In The Gallery.

Tull_minstrelTull_IA_Group_Photograph_Flat_4B1C2269_Carl_GloverFollowing the release of last years Homo Erraticus, Jethro Tull, in celebration of the 40th anniversary, has released the remix of the 1975 classic, Minstral in the Gallery.  The remix by Steven Wilson.

The new album is a 2 CD set includes the original album and seven bonus tracks (six previously unreleased), two mixed to 5.1 surround, and all to stereo by Wilson.  Other highlights of note:
– Flat transfers of the original LP mix at 96/24 (plus Summerday Sands )
– Flat transfer of the original quad mix of the LP (plus Summerday Sands )
– An eight-minute film of the band performing Minstrel In The Gallery in Paris from July 1975

The album has been expanded to include the b-side Summerday Sands, several studio outtakes, and alternate session material recorded for a BBC broadcast.

The second disc features a live recording of Jethro Tull performing at the Olympia in Paris on July 5, 1975, a few months prior to the release of Minstrel In The Gallery. During the show, the band played songs from several of its albums, including War Child and Aqualung, as well as an early performance of Minstrel In The Gallery. It was mixed to 5.1 & stereo by by King Crimson guitarist Jakko Jakszyk.

Jethro Tull, who are currently on tour in Europe, will bring “Jethro Tull – The Rock Opera”  performed by Ian Anderson, to the US later this year with nine shows kicking off at the Chicago Theatre on November 1st.

 Disc One – New Steven Wilson Stereo Remix:

1. Minstrel In The Gallery
2. Cold Wind To Valhalla
3. Black Satin Dancer
4. Requiem
5. One White Duck / 010 = Nothing At All
6. Baker St. Muse
7. Baker St. Muse – Pig-Me And The Whore
8. Baker St. Muse – Nice Little Tune
9. Baker St. Muse – Crash-Barrier Waltzer
10. Baker St. Muse – Mother England Reverie
11. Grace
12. Summerday Sands
13. Requiem (Version 1)*
14. One White Duck (Take 5)*
15. Grace (Take 2)*
16. Minstrel In The Gallery (BBC version)*
17. Cold Wind To Valhalla (BBC version)*
18. Aqualung (BBC version)*

Disc Two – Live at The Palais Des Sports, Paris, July 5, 1975 (A Jakko Jakszyk Stereo Mix):

1. Introduction (The Beach Part 11)
2. Wind Up
3. Critique Oblique
4. Wond’ring Aloud
5. My God
a. Flute Solo Including: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree/Quartet
b. Living In The Past
c. My God (Reprise)
6. Cross-Eyed Mary
7. Minstrel In The Gallery
8. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
9. Bungle In The Jungle
10. Aqualung
11. Guitar Improvisation
12. Back-Door Angels
13. Locomotive Breath with improvisation and including Hard Headed English General and Back-Door Angels (Reprise)

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