Jon Campos and the Incurables and The Fallbrook Kid join Forces in Support of The Princess Warrior

Jon Campos, Mia Capuano & Kim Campos

Music can be the most powerful force in the universe. When you combine music with the love of helping others in need, it can become a healing force.

Jon Campos and the Incurables recently joined forces with Anthony Cullins, aka: The Fallbrook Kid to use that power to raise money for Mia Capuano’s Journey (The Warrior Princess) to her in her fight against cancer. The fundraiser was held at THE BRIDGE ON THIRD who generously donated 10% of the days proceeds to the cause.

Anthony Cullins (AKA: The Fallbrook Kid) & Mia Capuano

Jon Campos and the Incurables (2017 Global Music Awards Winner) set the tone with a powerful message of love and Rock!  It’s a combination that had all in attendance wanting to reach a bit deeper to help. Jon’s beautiful wife, Kim was one of those who helped organize the event and stated that it may just be the first of many more to come. Kim also brought an incredible emerging young talent, Anthony Cullins to help with the event. It gave farther evidence of not only Anthony’s immense guitar mastery but also his deep rooted desire to become a force in the world of  Philanthropy. It wasn’t his fist dance in the world of helping others with his music. The MC for the event, Sam Diego said it best, we all know 5 people that can donate whatever you can……………………………




Hello FB Family and Friends! I wish this was a brilliant post and was hoping for this time to be an exciting time for Mia and our family.

For the past month we have been going through the wringer with Mia. Unfortunately her RTS (Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome) has caught up with her and Mia has been diagnosed with a Bone Sarcoma or Cancer in her left leg. The leg that was amputated. As if this little warrior hasn’t been through enough the next few months are about to get rocky again.

Today we have been admitted into the hospital to begin chemo. It is going to be 2 rounds over a 10 week period, then surgery with more amputation a possibility and then after that more chemo. This first hospital stay is to last about 5 days. Then go home and come back after a few weeks. At least that’s what I understand so far with this road map and treatment plan. Still so confusing. The doctors feel that we have caught this in the very beginning stages and the success rate is very high. Her scans have come back clear and only cancer is located in her leg.

We have been in a weirdly stressful numb bubble and emotions are very high. Of course my little Warrior is stronger than us mere parents but she is willing to do what is necessary and fight off this Purple Pickle. (that’s what we call it instead of the C word).

So again we are asking for your support, prayers, love, good juju, positive vibes, and anything else I can’t seem to name. Given this sensitive time and the great unknown of treatments and side effects we ask that there be no visitors at the hospital right now.

As I’ve said before Mia belongs to all of you but this time I’m going to hold her a little closer to the chest this time around. Please forgive any short comings that might come out during this crazy medical vortex we’ve been sucked into yet again. It may seem like I have the words but I’m truly at a loss right now.

Thank you to you all.
With love,

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