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Many years ago when I first heard Kansas I was immediately drawn to their music for their sheer musicianship.  The beauty of their arrangements, the vocals, the songwriting, all were amazing. I remember the last time I saw this band live was at Roosevelt Stadium in NJ in the late 70’s.  I was blown away when I saw them live.  It sounded just like the records I had listened to many times.

Now all these years later, I witnessed the same thing at an outdoor concert at the Del Mar Fair July 2015.  I can honestly say that I was blown away once again.  Ronnie Platt, the new lead singer did an amazing job on all the hits by this amazing band.  The rest of the band, David Ragsdale, David Manion, Phil Ehart, Richard Williams,and Billy Greer did an beautiful job recreating all the music that I was so found of all those years ago.  The thing that really caught my attention right away was how much they all seemed to enjoy what they were doing and the interaction of the crowd.

If you have never seen this band live, it’s a must see.  You won’t be disappointed one bit.  Yes they are from back in the day but they still kick ass live.  The Venue (San Diego County Fair) and the band were kind enough to comp us to do a review of their show and I plan on seeing them again later next month again.

Kansas-44So Carry on My Wayward Son’s!  The music is still timeless and you still kill it live.  Catching them at a venue near you is a must.

(Editors Note:  We apologize for being unable to include quality images from that show.  We tried but were unable to obtain the necessary credentials from management)


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