Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders

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Kenny Loggins-5526Age makes no Difference when it comes to a Kenny Loggins Show!

With Caddyshack being a favorite of mine, I was introduced to the music of  Kenny Loggins at a young age and every time I hear the sentence “I’m alright” I  can still envision that gopher dancing around.  But Kenny Loggins isn’t just    Caddyshack to me; he’s a fond memory of growing up.  From the TV screen to  my dad’s garage band, Kenny’s music was very familiar in my household and I  couldn’t wait to hear him perform.

As I walked in the first thing I notice is how intimate the venue is.  Pictures of  music legends lined the walls.  Reading the upcoming show sign, I learned that not only am I going to enjoy the sounds of Kenny Loggins, but that also of his new band, Blue Sky Riders.  Tonight will be a good night.

As I make my way through the crowd I can hear a man’s voice saying “Can I place an order? Excuse me… Ms. I’d like to place an order.” Then it dawns on me that the gentleman is speaking to me. “Sure, let me grab a cocktail server for you.” Besides the servers,   am I the only one carrying around a notepad and pen?

As Blue Sky Riders takes the stage, I notice the instant connection you feel with them and that between the band members.  Upbeat and brilliant I’m sold on them before they even start the second song.  Georgia’s harmonies are as angelic as her appearance and I can’t wait to hear the next song.  Each song makes me more and more of a fan.

Kenny Loggins-5627All good things must come to an end so as Blue Sky Riders exit the stage the lights dim and people start to prepare for Kenny Loggins.  As I wait patiently in the crowd, I notice the intensity and anticipation building.  My shoulder brushes up against a woman standing next to me and she quickly shouts out, “No one gets in between me and Kenny”.  His fans are like 12 year old girls at their first One Direction concert.  As I said earlier, age is just a number, Kenny Loggins still has it.

Ten minutes of waiting for Mr. Loggins to take the stage feels like a lifetime.  A note is played on the guitar, the lights go on, and “Danny’s Song” begins to play.  It’s time! The energy is up and you know it’s going to be a good night! I’m instantly taken back to my childhood.  Watching Mr. Loggins perform, it’s clear that music is still his passion and not just a job.

I decide to leave the floor, go upstairs and take a seat overlooking the crowd.  First thing that I noticed was how the majority of the men were all in suits looking very professional.  Then a magical moment happens, Footloose starts playing and even the suits start to dance!

Every story Kenny tells, has you believing that you were right there with him when it was written.  His songs are his chapters and he is the storyteller.  He’s a celebration of what singing/songwriting should be.  Classic, familiar and able to stand the test of time.  Kenny Loggins is a reminder of what great music really is.

Kenny Loggins-5704Moose is a good dog.  Yep!  It’s still stuck in my head.


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