Please accept this invitation to discover R.E.M.itation! The worlds most authentic R.E.M Tribute Band!  Even if you weren’t a hard core REM fan this So Cal based tribute band is respectfully worth giving up some rem‘s for any night of the week and they might have you realizing you were a bigger fan than you knew!  

On th beautiful Earth Day of April 22, 2017  The Strawberry Bowl Festival Amphitheater in Garden Grove, California was filled to it’s acoustically perfect capacity with shiny happy people! Yep! I said it! R.E.M.itation is the brainchild of Rich Slepack who plays the role of Bill Berry on Drums in this high energy Tribute Band along with Bill Mitchell on Bass in the roll of Mike Mills,  multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer known to be R.E.M’s secret weapon, completing the quartet is Eric James on Guitar in the role of Peter Buck. Together these four consummate musicians rocked us under the stars with an authenticity making you forget they were indeed a tribute to and not REM themselves! Front man Jeremy Levey in the roll of Michael Stipe, is  Stipeier than Stipe!  A superstitious  mind might think that  Jeremy ” Levied  Stipe… give it a moment. Offering up a  fun, audience engaging performance in every mannerism and melody, tightly accompanied by his accomplished band mates,  Jeremy nails  his front man role to ultimate belief.  

Talk About Passion” even ” The Man On The Moon” knows it take’s ” A Month of Saturday’s” and professional “Drive” to achieve such perfection” The One Thing I Love”  most is the dedication and perseverance to authenticity of these talented musicians . They knew it’d be like ” Gardening at Night” but they’d achieve their goal.  They know in order to succeed “Everybody Hurts” sometime, it doesn’t mean “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” My wish foR.E.M.itation “These Days” is for them to never have a Bad Day” Oops! I did it again! 

R.E.M.itation is available nationally or internationally for any club, theater, concert in the park or private eventReach out them @  www.REMitation.com . 

Backstage360 would like to extend a special thank you to the  Creative Director Denise Silva at The Strawberry Bowl Amphitheatre for her passion and dedication to family, venuecommunity and music. If not for Denise’s vision we would not likely have The Strawberry Bowl Amphitheater as we know and love to enjoy at our disposal. The Strawberry Bowl Amphitheatre is a top notch intimate venue, there’s not a bad seat to be had in the house. This venue is a personal favorite of mine as Denise and her crew continue to provide their guests the best possible experience time after time. 

Gypsy / BackStage360

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