Rebel Machine Drops – It Doesn’t Matter to Me, Video-Challenge for Rock Fans

On Friday, March 31st, Rebel Machine released their new new video clip. “It Doesn’t Matter to Me” was directed by filmmaker Ulisses da Motta, with photography by Rafael Duarte. 

The track comes from the band’s hot debut album “Nothing Happens Overnight”, and its official video packs a special riddle for rock ‘n’ roll fans: in four minutes of footage, riff junkies, headbangers and misfits alike are invited to take the “40 Rock Artists Challenge”. Throughout the clip, rockers can put their star power to test and spot 40 elements referencing some of the greatest rock bands of the last 5 decades.
“It Doesn’t Matter to Me” is available on the band’s official YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as their official website.

Foto: Doni Maciel/Divulgação

Rebel Machine:

Marcelo Pereira: vocals
Murilo Bittencourt: guitars
Marcel Bittencourt: bass
Chantós Mariani: drums
Music and Lyrics by: Marcel Bittencourt and Murilo Bittencourt
Directed by Ulisses Da Motta
Original Idea by Marcel Bittencourt
Laís Werneck: producer
Freddy Paz: producer
Rafael Duarte: cinematographer and colorist
Karina Pegoraro Fossa: art direction
Marcelo Pereira: editor
Táta Goldberg: makeup artist, hair stylist and assistant art director
Marina Cardozo: assistant director
Jaque Loreto: assistant director (pre-production)
Cristiane Agassis: assistant producer
Deise Hauenstein: assistant camera
Carol Zimmer: chief electrician
Arthur Goldberg: prop maker
Special Thanks:
Eduardo de Camino and Mondo Cane
Adriana Deffenti
Alex Racor
Beta Evangelista
Celso Zanini
Daniel de Almeida
Denise Marchi
Francis Cassol
Gabriel De Paula Cunha
Juliano Ângelo
Marcelo Falcão Reichelt
Pedro De Lima Marques
Pedro L. Leão
Locall Poa
8-80 Filmes

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