The Revival of the Singer Songwriter


Whitney Shay

Happily, I was among those held captivated at RexRode Productions fourth (and certainly not last) installment of “REVIVAL of the SINGER SONGWRITER” series. Hosted this evening by WHITNEY SHAY! Voted Best Blues Artist 2017 SAN DIEGO MUSIC AWARDS!!! Ken Rexrode continues to serve up a bounty of deliciously diverse artists and venues that invigorate and replenish the mind, body, and soul!  My hat…is off to you Ken but to you I say (in my best revival voice) “ You can leave your hat on! ” Because ain’t nobody Promoting San Diego’s music betta than you and your crew!

Corey Leal’s Wish and the Well are the first to take the stage and hostage the crowd opening with “Ain’t That Something” owning the house before the second note. All chatting among the crowd ceased. All eyes forward seeking and remained that way as one song flowed into the next, the only interruption of sound other than the band itself was the thunderous applause between songs. So entranced was the crowd it was as if by magic the lovely and talented Melissa Barrison appeared on stage to accompany Corey singing the title track of Wish and the Wells newly released CD Darlin Darlin to an astonished response! Corey sings like most of us breathe, appearing effortless or without thought. (When I mentioned my observance to him a couple weeks ago a true look of surprise registered on his face and he humbly thanked me). Corey and band mates Dillon Casey, Steven Crowle, Trevor Mulvey and Cheyne Dolly are equally scored and as a whole their music is purely eargasmic! Bravo’s rang loudly as they closed their session with “Empty Vessel” but the goosebumps remained, the spell was cast. Who could follow this act?

Taylor John Williams of The Voice ” fame, that’s who! No Doubt! Pun intended! Does anyone have a tissue cause when this kid wasn’t breaking my heart he was

cracking me up! Either way gotta wipe my eyes! After presenting a bouquet of posies to his lovely hostess Whitney Shay this calm unassuming young man and his acoustic guitar walked up to the mic to handcuff our heart’s! Introducing his new song “Like the Movies” I’ll admit I didn’t know who TJW was prior to this, but one thing’s for certain! I do now and I will never forget him. Each song as good as the next, be it thoughtful or humorous. “White Summer Dress” “Normal Human Being” Phenomenal!

Taylor John Williams had us crying, had us laughing. He had us heavy sighing & forgetting to breathe, reliving the past or suffering our reality. A true magician of a musician.

So many more AMAZING artists shared of themselves at this Revival that night! The Moves Collective! SDMA 2017 Voted Best New Americana! The Incredible Mimi Zulu! Karina Frost and The Banduvloons! All of them incredible and deserving of more than this mention!

Gypsy / Backstage360

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