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Andy and Michele Melnyk warmly invited 100 plus guests into their beautiful Carlsbad California home with grace and expertise to share in a magical evening of musical talents performed by  Sister Speak  followed by Reggae artist Mike Love! was honored to attend this special event as Sister Speak, recognized at the 2017 San Diego Music Awards as Best Pop Artist, officially celebrates the release of her new single ” The Stand” as well as  her first ever official visually stunning, lyrically pleasing music video which sprung from a spiritual journey to South America where Sherri Anne of Sister Speak was recently inspired. If it’s not enough that Sister Speak’s music is pure pleasure to the ear, perhaps if you actually listen, you’ll hear the message conveyed within the thought provoking strain she delivers. This truly gifted young woman speaks from her very heart and salt of the earth soul.  Her new experimental EP featuring Folk and Electronic is due out a little later this year! Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new release! To make sure you don’t miss out you can pre-order THE STAND at  Sherri-Anne and her amazing San Diego band mates …

Sherri-Anne (Guitar / Vocals)

After a five year sojourn in Chicago, the windy city set Canadian artist Sherri-Anne on an exciting musical adventure. It was a Missy Higgins concert in 2007 that inspired her to pursue music and set her on course. Within days she began to book shows, within months national tours – many without a car, which eventually landed her in San Diego where she formed Sister Speak in 2009.

Sarven Manguiat (Lead Guitar) 

Sarven began playing piano at the age of 4 and picked up guitar at the age of 10. While rooted in blues and rock, his fluid style covers all genres taking influence from many greats past and present. 

Though Sarven is also a hard working  member of the incredible on the rise trio ” Groove Session”  he can be heard laying down his madd tracks on Sisters new EP The Stand. 

Did I mention Groove Session? Indeed I did and with good reason. Believe me when I say this trio needs more than a mention but that’s another story,.. Check them out for yourself. Be prepared to be blown away! 

Jacob (Cubby) Miranda (Bass Guitar)

Cubby joined Sister Speak the summer of 2013 for Sister Speaks premier at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach Ca has been with Sherri Anne for nearly every show opportunity since despite his always packed schedule as he plays a crucial role to the success of many other San Diego bands lending his dynamic skill and energy as a whole! Cubby’s many talents run deep! Beyond that he is just plain likable! I had the good fortune to chat awhile with this talented young man who’s a quick smile and an easy going nature. Everybody’s got time for that! No wonder he is your glue Sherri Anne!

Kimo Shim (Cajon/Percussion)

In the fall of 2015 Kimo Shim joined Sister Speak for select shows throughout California. His hip-hop and Latin roots have been an exciting addition to Sister Speak’s evolving sound. Kimo joined the Sister Speak Trio opening for Air Supply at Humphrey’s Mainstage and has added a unique sound to Sister Speak’s acoustic shows.

Zach Guglin (Drums)

In early 2016 Zach and Sherri Anne reconnected in Los Angeles. After years of touring in his band Minus Ned, Zach settled in LA to focus on growing in his drumming and recording. With an avid love for production and performance, Zach adds an unprecedented new feeling and groove to Sister Speak’s sound. His experience with world and acoustic music has added an  unique and moving feel to Sister Speak’s newest songs. This is also a story of old college friends reconnecting. Zach performed with Sherri Anne in her early days in Chicago before Sister Speak came to be!

…Will take the Stage in San Diego next before continuing on their national tour, Sunday, May 14th at Gator By The Bay at 5pm. Check her website for a discount code to attend this event! Sister Speak is truly Sister Sweet!

But I digress…Those in attendance of this perfect evening in reference, were treated in advance to many new of the with new cuts from this much anticipated yet to be released EP, in addition to our  favorite’s from Sister Speak’s debut album Rise Up For Love and then some! I highly recommend you listen out for her ” New York Sunrise” cut {my personal goose bump favorite!} It’s been two years since the release of Sister Speaks debut album ” Rise Up For Love” which has and continues to receive rave reviews!  I fully expect  ” The Stand ” will speak of the same nature.

Tonight’s performance was enhanced by  the collaborative effects of many of Sherri Anne’s multi talented  friends and fellow artists to everyone’s delight! The extremely talented Burns Brothers…Phenomenal and the always amazing Taylor John Williams of “The Voice” fame in helping  make for an evening one will soon not forget! All of this and more to come with Reggae Artist Mike Love on Deck…


Gypsy / BackStage360

EDITORS NOTE: Look for our interview and coverage of Mike Love in the June issue!


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