Six String Society – The Mardi Gras Cruise

We would like you to join us on the William D. Evans paddle boat at the Bahia Belle on Mission Bay for a visual voyage and an amazing night of music and fun featuring an all-star musical lineup featuring “The Casey Hensley Band”, “Robin Henkel & Whitney Shay’s Blues Band”, “The Euphoria Brass Band”, “Gregory Page”, “Ben Powell” and “The Bayou Bros”.  This Mardi gras party has all three levels of the boat going nonstop with Music, Cancan dancers, Cirque Performers and Face painters.  There was something for everyone and a great time for all thanks to Rexrode productions attention to detail.  The music included Blues, Zydeco, Jazz, Country Blues with some Acoustic pop and other funky stuff mixed in.  People came dressed for Mardi gras and Beads and Boas where handed out as you boarded. As you walked from Level to Level all your senses lit up with excitement; from the New Orleans style food to the amazing Music and Great Visuals you knew this was no ordinary party.  By the time you arrived on the top level you had an amazing view of Mission Bay and its surroundings and could just sit and enjoy the beautiful ocean and atmosphere.

The best way for me to write about this amazing event is to let you experience it for yourself.  Watch the slideshow and take a magical voyage with us to Mardi gras, San Diego Style.


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