Stormwitch – Season Of The Witch

Stormwitch_Season_CoverSTORMWITCH was founded in the early 80’s by childhood friends Harald Spengler (Lee Tarot), Stefan Kauffmann (Steve Merchant) and Andy Mück. They started writing their first songs while they searched for the final pieces of the band to play live shows, including clubs and youth centers. The first line-up was completed by Peter Langer (Pete Lancer) and Jürgen Wannenwetsch. Their first album, „Walpurgis Night“ (1984), was recorded using as little post-production as possible to remain true to the sound they were trying to achieve. They did not use multi-track recording, instead recorded the album straight through. Approximately a year later, the band recorded the album „Tales Of Terror“, of which the master tapes were supposed to be destroyed, only recently being re-recorded using original LP albums. The third album „Stronger Than Heaven“ was released in 1986, followed by „The Beauty And The Beast“ in 1987. In 1989 „Eye Of The Storm“ and the live album „Live In Budapest“ followed. The band toured much of Europe during the Cold War, including Eastern European countries such as Hungary, where they were waylaid by officials and nearly missed the first gig of that particular tour. Shortly after, Harald Spengler left the band to concentrate on managing.
StormwitchIn 1992, Stefan Kauffmann and Wolfgang Schludi (who replaced Harald Spengler) also left the band before the recordings for „War of the Wizzards“ could start. After some changes in the line-up once again and an eventual break up in 1996, Andy Mück, the only member from the original line-up, and Martin Winkler wrote the song „Dance With The Witches“ in 2002, and with a new line-up STORMWITCH regrouped once more and took to the stage. With this new line-up, STORMWITCH also released the album „Witchcraft“ in 2004 but split up shortly after. Meanwhile, the band‘s line-up consists of Vocalist Andy Mück, guitarists Ralf Stoney and Volker Schmietow, bassist Jürgen Wannenwetsch and drummer Micha Kasper, who recently replaced Peter Langer who left the band due to private reasons.
STORMWITCH were always known for their memorable live shows and played numerous club shows as well as festival gigs worldwide (Summer Breeze, Wacken, Metal Fest, Dynamite and many more) and toured with bands such as Killer or Krokus. The live set of the band consists of a mix of all albums released to date and includes classics as well. The interest in the band is still huge due to a faithful fan community for years. STORMWITCH wrote history, but are still bursting with new ideas.
STORMWITCH anno 2014 After ten years of captivity in the tower, the witch has escaped and returns with a new strong album. With strong guitars, thundering drums and bass and as well catchy vocals STORMWITCH returns with „Season Of The Witch“. The witch stirs in her magic kettle and seeks for revenge for all the locked years – that’s what you could think at least, if you listen to the concentrated power on the new album. With songs like „Last Warrior“, „Trail Of Tears“, „Season Of The Witch“ or „Taliesin“ STORMWITCH proves that the band is still alive and kicking! Beware, the WITCH is alive!
Andy Mück – Vocals
Stoney Stoner – Guitars
Volle Schmietow – Guitars
Jürgen „Wanschi“ Wannenwetsch – Bass
Micha Kasper – Drums
1984 Walpurgis Night
1985 Tales Of Terror
1986 Stronger Than Heaven
1987 The Beauty And The Beast
1989 Eye Of The Storm
1992 War Of Wizzards
1994 Shogun
2002 Dance With The Witches
2004 Witchcraft
2015 Season Of The Witch
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