Warrant – Hitting “Louder Harder Faster”

If you’re any kind of rocker you’ve probably sung the words ‘’She’s my Cherry Pie…” many times over the years, some times even when completely unnecessary.  Warrant’s second studio album by the same name of the hit single rocketed up the charts and made the band pretty famous, until the grunge scene took over the 90’s.  Warrant might have seemed like a one-hit-wonder to some, but to many lovers of Arena Rock, these guys were just getting started.  Honing their craft for over two decades, most of the original crew is back together for their 10th studio album, “LOUDER HARDER FASTER.”

The much-anticipated follow up to 2011’s “Rockaholic” doesn’t disappoint.  Hitting hard right out of the gate, new lead singer Robert Mason’s voice slots perfectly with the heavy guitar licks provided by Erik Turner in the adrenaline rush that is the album’s namesake!  “Louder Harder Faster” was one of the first songs written for the album and it let’s you know right away that Warrant hasn’t been hiding out for the last few years…they’ve been working…louder, harder…and…faster.  Ok…it’s actually the longest amount of time Warrant fans have had to wait, but the pun was begging to be there!  …and the album was WELL worth the wait…

The rest of the album’s singles follow one after the other, keeping that adrenaline rush flowing.  By the time you’re ears are ringing and your neck hurts from head-banging, the ballad “U In My Life” gives you the chance to relax and enjoy the siren-like quality of Mason’s voice.  This is followed by an interesting Bluesy monologue-type intro into “Music Man” that gives way to a nice and heavy Blues-Rock track.  The rest of the album is just as hard and loud as the first few tracks, featuring an interesting rest-room style romance in “Big Sandy” that’s quite comical and the call-to-arms “New Rebellion.”

All In All, Warrant shows a huge level of growth in their 10th studio album, fitting what Rhythm Guitarist Erik Turner said, “You can hear and feel the emotions of the last 25+ years…poured into LHF.”  From “Cherry Pie” to “Devil Dancer,” the boys have a new woman to sing about.  This isn’t the one-hit-wonder some may have thought; they haven’t left…and it doesn’t look like their slowing down anytime soon.


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